When Your Tooth Is A Real Pain, Get A Tooth-Colored Filling [BLOG]

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Don’t try to ignore pain inside your mouth. Not only is that often a futile effort, given the intense nature of dental pain, the underlying cause of it could be serious.

Rather than let a dental problem, and the pain that comes with it, grow worse, visit Alluring Smiles for restorative treatment.

If Dr. Portocarrero finds a cavity is behind your toothache, he can treat it with a tooth-colored filling so your smile doesn’t miss a beat!

When Your Tooth Becomes A Real Pain…

Whether you have a high or low tolerance for pain, there’s something about a toothache that even the strongest among us can hardly bear.

You can try to stay ahead of it with OTC pain relievers around the clock, but tooth pain won’t actually go away because the cause of it hasn’t been treated.

That’s why you need to have it looked at right away by Dr. Portocarrero at Alluring Smiles.

The most common culprit behind tooth pain is tooth decay, where bacteria have eaten tiny food particles in your mouth and generated acids that break down your enamel.

When you don’t go to the dentist on a routine basis for cleanings and exams, you’re more likely to develop a cavity from decay that’s had ample time to worsen and create a hole in your tooth.

A deep enough hole can leave a tooth root exposed, which can cause a severe, almost unbearable toothache.

…Get A Tooth-Colored Filling!

One of our restorative dentistry options patients really appreciate is a tooth-colored filling to treat a decayed tooth.

You’re probably used to the traditional way to treat cavities using amalgam fillings, which means you’re also familiar with a pretty significant drawback to that method.

They’re ugly!

Well, to be fair, standard metal fillings are very safe, effective, and durable, which is why dentists have relied on them for so long to treat decayed teeth. But cosmetically?

Let’s just say unless your cavity is way in the back of your mouth where no one could possibly see it, the evidence of your treated cavity will be pretty easy to spot when you smile.

Tooth-colored fillings match your surrounding teeth so no one will ever suspect you once suffered a dental setback!

Put An End To Your Tooth Pain!

It’s unsafe to ignore tooth pain, to both your oral health and your health overall.

If the bacteria in dental plaque or from an oral infection enters your bloodstream, it could have disastrous consequences.

Prevent that happening with restorative dentistry at Alluring Smiles. With the right treatment, you’ll be smiling in no time!

We’ll treat the problem causing your tooth pain and put an end to it for good!

Call us today at 480-525-6617 or fill out our online form to request an appointment in our Mesa, AZ dental office.

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