Treat Your Tooth Pain Before The Holidays [BLOG]

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Nothing spoils a good time, especially around the holidays, like tooth pain. If you have a nagging toothache, our team at Alluring Smiles wants to help you get the restorative treatment you need for a pain-free holiday.

That’s why we’re devoting today’s blog to some of the common causes for oral pain and how restorative dentistry in our Mesa, AZ dental office can help you find relief for a more relaxing and enjoyable holiday season.

Tooth Pain Is A Distraction To Your Holiday Fun

Here are some common reasons you might experience oral pain, all of which can easily be remedied in our Mesa, AZ dental office.

Problems With A Decayed Tooth

Tooth decay can be a big problem if left untreated. Once it takes hold of your tooth, it can form a cavity. It’s important to get it taken care of it before it becomes too large. A dental filling is one of the easiest forms of restorative dentistry that can keep your healthy smile on track.

At Alluring Smiles, we offer tooth-colored fillings so you’re not only out of pain after treatment, but your dental work will blend in naturally with your smile so you’ll look great, too.

Problems With Your Gums

Another reason you might be experiencing dental pain may not have anything to do with your teeth. You could be suffering from the early stages of gum disease. This is the kind of sneaky infection that can take over your mouth for years before you notice any symptoms. By staying vigilant with daily oral hygiene, you can spot signs early and get treatment before it leads to tooth loss and other serious health problems.

If your gums are red, swollen, or tender, or if you notice bleeding while brushing or flossing, make sure you schedule an appointment at Alluring Smiles as soon as possible. We offer gum disease treatment so you can protect the structural integrity of your teeth for a healthy smile in 2018!

Problems With A Damaged Tooth

You can’t always avoid dental emergencies, especially during this time of year when there are dental dangers lurking everywhere! From bowls of nuts, to candy canes, to platters of crunchy garden vegetables and turkey legs, you can damage a tooth and need help fast.

You could bite down on something hard and crack or break a tooth. Or your reindeer games could get a bit lively, and you could bump into something and knock out a tooth. If the festivities lead to a dental emergency, our team at Alluring Smiles can give you the fast, high-quality care you need.

Problems With An Old Restoration

It doesn’t happen all the time, but dental restorations can loosen, break, or fall out, all resulting in tooth pain and a lousy holiday.

But our team at Alluring Smiles can repair or replace your failing restoration so you feel better in time for Christmas dinner. You need all your teeth to work properly and look natural. Our tooth-colored fillings and dental crowns and bridges are made to do just that so you can relax and enjoy yourself free from tooth pain.

Schedule Your Restorative Treatment Now!

With Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner, our team at Alluring Smiles wants to make sure you’re able to enjoy it. A nagging, painful dental problem is the last thing you should have to deal with!

You should be decking the halls, singing Christmas carols, toasting the new year, all without tooth pain so you can relax and have fun with family and friends. Restorative dentistry can make that possible in our Mesa, AZ dental office.

Dr. Portocarrero and our team of skilled professionals will get you out of pain so you can chew those holiday treats comfortably and smile confidently for family photos. Whether you have a cavity, signs of gum disease, or knock out a tooth, we will do all we can to treat your dental problem quickly and effectively so you can get back to your holiday plans.

Call us today at 480-525-6617 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.


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