Top Reasons For Choosing Dental Implants! [BLOG]

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With today’s modern dental technology, you have so many more options for replacing a tooth than patients did only a few decades ago.

At the top of that list of choices, dental implants provide the strongest solution and more lasting good health.

Dr. Portocarrero and our team at Alluring Smiles do all we can to make sure your new teeth look and function just like your natural teeth did so you can have a happier, more fulfilling life.

We find that dental implants are second-to-none in helping us make that happen.

Top Reasons For Choosing Dental Implants

Today, we’re sharing some of the top reasons our Mesa, AZ patients want to replace their missing teeth with dental implants and why you will, too!

*You Want A Replacement Method That Works*

With nearly a 95% success rate, dental implants are the top choice for replacing missing teeth. Much of that success has to do with having the right dentist in charge of the preparation and placement process.

Dr. Portocarrero knows how to determine if you’re a good candidate for supporting dental implants so your chances of successful placement are optimized. He and our team will then rely on advanced technology for the most precise, accurate placement to make sure your new teeth do exactly the work they’re designed to do!

*You Want To Protect Your Remaining Teeth*

To keep your surrounding teeth firmly in place, your jawbone and gums have to be strong and healthy enough to support them. Once a tooth is gone, that spot isn’t being engaged like it’s supposed to be, which means you lose bone and tissue and compromise the surrounding structures. This only leads to more loss of your teeth!

You can avoid that problem with dental implants because they’re designed to be a new, synthetic tooth root and allow you to keep using and stimulating the bone and gum tissue in that area.

*You Want To Be Able To Eat The Foods You Love*

You obviously eat to live, but let’s be honest. There are plenty of times when you live to eat!

So many of our cultural traditions center around food and sharing meals with people we love. Gathering around the dinner table is an important part of how families stay connected with one another, and it’s part of what makes celebrating special occasions and holidays so much fun!

Not being able to eat what you want can steal the joy out of these moments, especially when everyone around you is enjoying all the delicious dishes you can’t!

With standard dentures, you only get about 30-40% of your natural bite strength back. With dental implants, on the other hand, you can eat just about anything you want because they’re firmly bonded to your jaw, stabilizing your replacement teeth so they’ll work nearly as well as real teeth!

*You Want To Keep Your Facial Structure Intact*

One of the reasons people look older than they should when they lose teeth is because it causes your facial structure to change.

When you have empty spaces in your mouth, your jaw in those areas isn’t being stimulated like it should. In response, your body begins to absorb your jawbone, causing it to deteriorate and alter your facial structure. Your cheeks will start to sink in, and wrinkles will form around your lips.

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement strategy that help your jawbone stay healthy and strong. This preserves not only the appearance of your smile, but also the strong, stable youthfulness of your facial appearance overall.

*You Want Lasting, Better Health*

Because implants give you a bite that’s almost as strong as you get with natural teeth, you stand a much better chance of enjoying lasting better health.

Part of the reason, of course, is that it keeps your mouth healthy. But more than that, being able to eat nutritious food and to chew thoroughly will improve your digestion, as well as your health overall.

A highly-restricted diet, which is something that affects tooth loss sufferers and denture wearers especially, is going to also restrict the nutrients your body gets from the food you eat. Having too narrow an intake of certain vitamins and minerals, you’re not able to fuel your body properly. Missing teeth and loose dentures also contribute to multiple problems with proper digestion, gut health, and regularity. That’s because your body has to work harder to break down the foods you weren’t able to while chewing them.

Tooth loss can shorten your lifespan by as much as 10 years! When it comes to investing in replacement teeth, dental implants may cost more in the short-term, but you’d be paying a much higher price in the long run by going the cheaper route with a less effective option.

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We could go on much longer about the benefits of dental implants and restorations!

Thanks to their longevity and stability, implants are the best way to ensure lasting health and a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

You’ll eat better, feel better, and look better when you choose dental implants at Alluring Smiles!

Call our Mesa, AZ dental office today at 480-525-6617 or fill out our online form to learn more or to request an appointment. We’ll help you find out if dental implants are a good choice for you!


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