Pack Light This Summer With An Oral Appliance For Sleep Apnea [BLOG]

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Summer is a popular time for tourism, so you probably have a road trip or family vacation already on the books.

Do you know how you’re going to manage your sleep apnea problems?

You could leave the CPAP machine at home to make getting around easier, but then you might keep everyone up in the condo or hotel room with your loud snoring.

Our team at Alluring Smiles has another solution!

You can visit our Mesa, AZ dental office for a small custom oral appliance so you can still sleep peacefully without carrying around the extra burden of a CPAP machine while traveling!

A CPAP Machine Isn’t Always Travel-Friendly

One of the most common solutions for sleep apnea is a CPAP machine.

It’s a mask that you wear at night that’s connected to a hose being continuously pumped with air by an electric-powered machine.

The reason it’s so common is that it works, so we’re aren’t being unfair to this treatment option!

But a CPAP can create certain complications if you plan on traveling at all this summer, or any time of year, in fact.

Most airlines have tight restrictions on how much luggage, in terms of weight, you can claim and the kind of bags you bring with you on the flight.

Similarly, when you’re loading up the family car for a vacation, you have limited space as it is.

In either case, a CPAP machine isn’t an ideal piece of luggage to bring along on your trip.

Another complication of bringing this sleep apnea treatment with you for overnight stays is that it can make it hard for others to get some rest.

It’s not incredibly noisy, but a CPAP machine will be plugged in all night and moving air through the tube, which some may find distracting when trying to sleep.

Then you might think about leaving the CPAP at home so that doesn’t happen.

Are you willing to lose much-needed sleep while traveling because you don’t have your CPAP with you?

Are you willing to risk snoring so loudly that those sharing a hotel room or tent with you won’t sleep either?

You see the dilemma?

The good news is that you don’t have to choose between courtesy, convenience, or peaceful sleep.

You can have it all with a small oral appliance made just for you at Alluring Smiles!

Pack Light This Summer With A Small Oral Appliance

Dr. Portocarrero can customize an oral device that you could fit in your pocket!

Like a mouthguard, you wear it at night, and it keeps your jaw in a position that prevents airway obstruction.

It’s made to fit you comfortably, and it helps you get the sleep you’ll surely need to keep up with the family while you’re out sightseeing!

Make An Appointment

Traveling, whether it’s for work or for fun with family and friends, can be kind of stressful. You have to stay on top of many details to make your trip go smoothly.

You have to book flights, hotels, car rental, or maybe map your route if you plan on driving.

Do you want to add lugging a CPAP machine around to that list?

Make life easier with a small oral appliance from Dr. Portocarrero at Alluring Smiles!

Call our Mesa, AZ dental office today at 480-525-6617 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.


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