How To Keep Your Cool In A Dental Emergency [BLOG]

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We would all avoid dental emergencies if we could, but that’s not reality.

However, there’s a way to stay calm when accidents happen, to get the care you need right away, and to possibly save a tooth.

First, you have today’s blog to help guide your steps should you be faced with a dental emergency.

Then, you know to always trust Dr. Portocarrero and our team at Alluring Smiles in Mesa, AZ! We’ll do all we can to see you as soon as possible, get you out of pain, and keep your smile intact and healthy!

Plan Ahead & Keep Your Cool In A Dental Emergency!

Just like any medical emergency, a dental injury can be frightening. If you’re not prepared for a dental emergency, it’s harder to keep a level head and follow the necessary steps to save your tooth.

A little planning, however, will help you stay calm, keep your cool, and handle your emergency with confidence and ease. Here are three steps to plan for ahead of time.

*Have A First Aid Kit For Your Teeth!*

Create a first-aid kit that’s specifically stocked for dental emergencies.

That way you can grab it quickly and have everything you might need right at your fingertips.

Here are some common items you might need:

-Dental adhesive or cement

-A dry washcloth or gauze pads

-Sealable container

-Non-aspirin pain relievers

-Plastic or latex gloves

-Dental mirror

-The contact information and address to Alluring Smiles!

*Know The Importance of Controlling Any Bleeding*

If you’ve suffered a traumatic blow to the your face or mouth, you may have some bleeding that needs to be controlled first. Grab your emergency kit for a washcloth or some gauze, and make sure to keep it firmly on the wound until the bleeding stops.

*Keep Our Number Close*

You can be careful and take steps to protect your teeth, but you can’t prevent every injury or accident.

So when you have a dental emergency, don’t waste time searching for dentists and phone numbers after hours.

Just store our phone number in your contact list so you know exactly where to turn when minutes matter. This way you can stay calm and focus on how to care for your teeth while you wait to be seen.

Keep Your Cool By Following These Tips!

These are common dental emergencies and some simple but helpful tips to help you get through them!

*You Lost A Tooth*

If you can find a knocked out tooth, make sure you only pick it up by the crown and rinse it with water carefully.

You have a couple of options from there while you head to Alluring Smiles for care:

-You can put it back in its socket

-You can place it in a sealable container filled with milk or water

-You can place it inside your cheek

We’ll do all we can to try and save your tooth. If it’s beyond saving, you can choose one of our lifelike replacement options with help from Dr. Portocarrero.

*You Cracked Or Chipped Your Tooth*

As strong as your teeth are, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to crack or chip one of them just by biting down the wrong way. You won’t necessarily be in a lot of pain if either should happen, but if you are, use ice and OTC pain relievers until you can been seen in our Mesa, AZ dental office.

Whether it hurts or not, bacteria can get inside of your tooth through chips and cracks, so this is definitely something that should be treated sooner rather than later!

*You Lost A Dental Restoration*

It’s not common for restorations like dental fillings or crowns to break or fall out, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

You can keep dental adhesive from your local drugstore in your home emergency kit so that if a crown loosens or falls out, or if you lose a filling, you can use the adhesive to keep it in place until Dr. Portocarrero can check it out.

*Your Tooth Feels Loose*

First, it’s important to keep your wits about you when it comes to a loose tooth. Messing with it can easily make a loose tooth a lost tooth, and you don’t want that!

Dr. Portocarrero can save a loose tooth, but even if he can’t for whatever reason, we have natural-looking replacement options that blend in perfectly and keep your smile intact.

*You Have A Toothache*

You never want to make the mistake of trying to ignore a toothache. You can certainly take steps to ease the pain, such as with over-the-counter pain relievers and cold compresses to reduce any swelling.

But you should also call us if you have severe tooth pain. It could be an infection and needs to be looked at right away by Dr. Portocarrero.

Call Us For Dental Treatment

No matter the cause of your dental emergency, you can stay calm and handle it with ease as long as you follow today’s tips. Remember that finding the treatment you need is as simple as a phone call to our Mesa, AZ dental office.

Dr. Portocarrero has the expertise you need to get your out of pain, fix your tooth, and save your smile!

Call Alluring Smiles today at 480-525-6617 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.


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