Ignoring Dental Pain Is A Thanksgiving Recipe You Don’t Want! [BLOG]

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Of all the plans you’re looking forward to in the days before Thanksgiving, we’d be willing to bet a trip to the dentist for an emergency appointment isn’t one of them.

That’s why our team at Alluring Smiles wants to urge you to visit our Mesa, AZ dental office now to get to the bottom of your toothache.

Ignoring dental pain is a recipe for disaster, and that doesn’t pair well with turkey!

*It Might Be Decay Or Infection*

A cavity is probably the most common dental problem of them all.

It’s also one of the easiest to treat.

That’s why letting tooth decay go unchecked doesn’t make any sense! A dental filling, which you can have matched to all your other teeth when you visit Alluring Smiles, is simple, painless, and it keeps the tooth intact and protected.

If a cavity is given enough time to deepen or widen, it can expose your tooth pulp where the nerves live, and that’s when you’ll really start to sense a problem.

Here’s another reason you don’t want to put off such simple dental treatment!

That’s because if you have untreated tooth decay, or bacteria finds a way inside your tooth for whatever reason, it can create an intensely painful infection.

You not only won’t be able to manage that kind of pain, but you don’t want to give an infection inside your mouth time to spread to the rest of your body via your bloodstream.

It’s important to have it checked by Dr. Portocarrero as soon as possible.

*It Might Be A Fracture From Teeth Grinding*

It makes sense that a fractured tooth would be painful.

But what you might not know is that even tiny fractures that you can’t see can be painful, too.

Without an injury that resulted in an obviously chipped, cracked, or broken tooth, you wouldn’t necessarily have reason to assume your dental pain is being caused by a fracture.

But with our advanced technology at Alluring Smiles, we’re able to detect the tiniest of tooth fractures with crisp, up-close images. We often find these are caused by normal wear and tear over the years, but it could also be related to teeth grinding.

The pressure from grinding and clenching your teeth can damage your enamel, weaken the tooth, and eventually lead to painful damage. If we see evidence of teeth grinding, we can create a custom mouthguard to help keep your upper and lower teeth from touching while you sleep so your teeth are protected in the future.

*It Might Be Gum Disease*

If you’re good about getting to the dentist for routine cleanings and exams, then chances are we can stop gum disease from advancing to the point that it’d be causing you pain.

If you go a long time without professional dental care, though, it’s entirely possible for gum disease infection to advance unchecked, leading to real discomfort.

That means you might have pain from the gum recession, loss of mass in your jawbone, the loosening of your teeth, or the inflammation of your infected gums.

Obviously, the best way to avoid that is with brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist for regular checkups. But if it’s too late for that, we can help you in Mesa, AZ with non-surgical gum disease treatment like scaling and root planing.

Schedule A Same-Day Appointment

Ignoring any kind of pain inside your mouth is a recipe for disaster, and we know that’s not the kind of recipe you had in mind this Thanksgiving!

You can take care of it before it gets worse with a same-day emergency appointment at Alluring Smiles.

Dr. Portocarrero and our team will do everything we can to help you feel better and to restore the comfortable function of your teeth as quickly as possible.

Call our Mesa, AZ dental office today at 480-525-6617 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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