2 Ways To Replace Missing Teeth & Stay Healthy [BLOG]

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You deserve a healthy, happy life, but that’s really hard when you feel hopeless about your missing teeth.

You’re filled with despair about the choice in front you, which as far as you can tell, is whether to live with an embarrassing, toothless smile or dealing with the limitations and awkwardness of loose dentures.

But with Dr. Portocarrero and our team at Alluring Smiles, you don’t have to choose either of those terrible options!

That’s because we have the technology and the training to give you a beautiful, complete smile with our dental implants or secure dentures.

Either choice will give you new teeth that look, feel, and function just like real teeth, and today, we’re filling you in and how they fill in your smile and keep you healthy!

2 Ways To Replace Missing Teeth & Stay Healthy

Here are just two of the many ways to replace missing teeth at Alluring Smiles so you can stay healthy and look amazing!

*Restore Your Healthy Mouth With Dental Implants*

The ideal replacement method in dentistry today is the dental implant.

It’s a revolutionary strategy that relies on using a dental implant to act as your new, artificial tooth root topped with a dental crown as your replacement tooth.

Dental implants are the strongest foundation for your new teeth because they bond together with your own jawbone over time.

They allow you to eat the way you want, which means better nutrition and more emotional security when dining among friends.

Implants capped with our natural-looking dental crowns will give you a beautiful, confident smile you deserve, while you also benefit from your body’s own regenerative ability with new, healthy bone growth.

*Keep Your Dentures In Place With Dental Implants*

Another way to replace most or all of your teeth is with dentures at Alluring Smiles.

Sure, you could opt for removable dentures and trust that our team will craft lovely, natural-looking arches that make your smile look lifelike and healthy.

But we go several steps beyond your typical dentures and offer replacement teeth that are anchored by dental implants.

With a few strategically placed implants at the hands of Dr. Portocarrero, you’ll have fixed teeth that won’t slide around or force you to restrict your diet like removable dentures often can.

With our secure dentures, you won’t have to sacrifice delicious, healthy food or live in a constant state of anxiety about potentially embarrassing moments with slippery, poorly-fitting replacement teeth!

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You have every reason to live exactly the way you want, and that includes eating without pain or worry.

It also means smiling with full confidence.

Our team at Alluring Smiles can give you both with our options in tooth replacement like dental implants and strong, beautiful dentures.

Together, we’ll help you find the best solution for you so you can enjoy the life you deserve!

Call our Mesa, AZ dental office today at 480-525-6617 or fill out our online form to schedule your initial consultation.

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