Protect Your Teeth On Valentine’s With These Sugar-Free Gift Ideas! [BLOG]

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Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Alluring Smiles in Mesa, AZ!

The excitement of the holiday brings out the romantic in all of us. You can practically feel the love in the air!

But shortly after Valentine’s Day, all that love in the form of candy hearts and milk chocolate teddy bears turns out a bit less warm and fuzzy for your teeth.

That’s because sugar is the leading cause of tooth decay, and Valentine’s Day is like open season on your smile as a result!

Just like we warn parents about the effects of Halloween candy on their kids’ teeth, it’s time to sit down with the grown-ups and revisit some not-so-sweet truths about sugary Valentine’s treats.

Today, we’re talking to all you lovebirds out there in hopes that you think twice about handing your Valentine a bouquet of chocolate roses and, for the sake of your teeth, opt for our sugar-free gift ideas instead!

The (Un)Sweet Truth About Sugar

Your teeth are counting on you for their strength, durability, and longevity. That’s why your diet should be nutrient-dense from healthy foods packed with vitamins and minerals.

You know that sugar is not a part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Refined carbs and added sugar in processed foods not only attacks your body over time, but it’s also responsible for dental problems like gum disease that affect the way your smile looks and how long your teeth can carry on.

Here are specific ways sugar can affect your teeth:

*Sugar Leads To Tooth Decay

After you eat or drink anything, the sugar from it will stick to the surfaces of your teeth. Unless they’re washed away, bacteria will chow down on and produce acids as a result.

Those acids are responsible for tooth decay that lead to cavities and other problems with your teeth and gums.

*Sugar Can Cause Dehydration

Your teeth depend so much on your saliva for their strength. Without the protective coating saliva gives your enamel, acid will attack your teeth and create microscopic doorways for bacteria.

If most of what you drink contains lots of sugar like fruit juices, sports drinks, and sodas, your body will thirst for adequate hydration, and your teeth will be crying out for saliva!

*Sugar Weakens Your Tooth Enamel

Your teeth are just another amazing piece of your body’s design. They protect your health by allowing you to tear and chew nutrient-rich foods. And since they’re right on the front lines, your teeth are the first to benefit from those essential vitamins and minerals.

But guess what that means?

Your teeth are also the first to suffer when your diet full of sugary, highly-processed foods. The acids that sugar and bacteria combine to create eat away at your enamel it and weaken it with every bite.

Show You Care With These Sugar-Free Valentine Gifts

-Skip the candy conversation hearts and fill a vase with colored-paper hearts that list all the reasons you love your sweetheart!

-Give your Valentine a pair of cozy socks that will warm their heart and their feet!

-Tell them how sweet they are in the form of a classic poem, or one you wrote yourself!

-Schedule a couple’s massage you both can enjoy.

-Celebrate love by giving back together through volunteering or donating at a local blood drive.

Schedule Your Next Appointment!

One of the most common culprits of tooth decay, unsurprisingly, is sugar. It feels almost impossible to avoid it because it’s hidden in so many of our food and drinks.

But cutting the obvious sources of sugar, such as Valentine’s Day candy, makes the effort to protect your teeth so much easier.

As you gain more knowledge about the dangers of sugar and all the hidden ways it threatens your smile, you’ll be better able to avoid the dental pitfalls it’s notorious for causing.

You can also rely on Alluring Smiles as the dental practice to trust with your routine cleanings and exams in the fight against cavities and gum disease.

Call our Mesa, AZ dental office today at 480-525-6617 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.


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