Avoid Dry Mouth This Valentine’s Day [BLOG]

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You planned the perfect evening for you and your Valentine.

You chose the best restaurant in town, bought a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers, surprised your sweetheart with a lovely gift, and enjoyed a few turns on the dance floor.

Now your evening is drawing to a close and you’re hoping to get a Valentine’s kiss.

But, wait!

You have dry mouth!

You can’t kiss your date goodnight with your mouth all dry and sticky! This isn’t how you wanted to end the night at all!

Well, don’t worry. You still have a couple of weeks to make sure that doesn’t happen. And you have Dr. Portocarrero and our team at Alluring Smiles to help you!

We can try to narrow down the cause of your dry mouth and offer some possible remedies to keep it from spoiling your special Valentine date!

Today, we’re talking about why dry mouth is a problem and offering solutions to keep it from affecting your romantic life and your oral health.

Why Dry Mouth Is A Problem

Obviously, the discomfort of a dry, sticky mouth is a problem, especially on Valentine’s Day. It can spoil the mood when all you want to do is relax and have a good time sneaking kisses with your sweetheart.

But dry mouth also poses a problem for your oral health. We’re taking a look at just some of the ways dry mouth can affect you:

*Dry Mouth Can Result In Bad Breath

When you aren’t producing enough saliva, you’re not able to naturally wash away food particles and other debris left behind after meals.

The embarrassing problem that results is halitosis, or bad breath.

*Dry Mouth Makes Your Mouth Sticky

If you wear lipstick, you’ll want to pay attention!

A dry, sticky mouth makes your teeth the perfect target for lipstick buildup. When you’re on a date, the only thing worse than getting food lodged between your front teeth is having a glob of lipstick on your teeth without realizing it!

*Dry Mouth Affects Your Taste Buds

It’s hard to enjoy your Valentine’s dinner when you don’t have enough saliva. Why?

Because saliva actually helps you taste your food and drinks for a more pleasurable sensory experience.

*Dry Mouth Causes Sores and Cracked Lips

You could end up with dry, chapped, or cracked lips as a result of dry mouth. Sores can also develop on your lips and inside your mouth, which can definitely spoil your plans for kissing your date goodnight!

*Dry Mouth Leads To Tooth Decay

You need saliva, plain and simple.

Your teeth depend on it because it adds a layer of protection for your enamel against harmful acids. If those acids have a chance to eat away at your teeth, it can leave behind all sorts of tiny openings on your enamel for bacteria to creep in and cause tooth decay.

Dry Mouth Solutions!

Don’t fret! We’re offering some simple solutions for combatting dry mouth, and the bad breath that it often causes.

Try these helpful tips while you’re celebrating the season of love:

-Keep plastic flossers on hand to remove food between your teeth after dinner.

-Carry scented or flavored lip balm to keep your lips kissable and soft!

-Choose sugar-free breath mints and chewing gum to keep your mouth moist and breath fresh.

-Avoid odorous foods like garlic, onions, strong cheese, spicy meat, or after-dinner coffee.

-Carry a travel-size mouthwash so you can rinse your mouth after dinner.

-Skip the alcohol at dinner to avoid dehydration and choose water instead.

With these simple tips, along with our dry mouth remedies, you can have fresher breath, irresistible, soft lips, and a confident smile all evening long!

Make An Appointment

Our team wants to make sure dry mouth doesn’t become an unwelcome guest that wrecks your Valentine’s date.

Dr. Portocarrero at Alluring Smiles can discuss possible causes with you and work to find the right solution so you’re ready to cozy up with that special someone.

Between our dry mouth remedies and following the tips from today’s blog, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day feeling comfortable and confident!

Call our Mesa, AZ dental office today at 480-525-6617 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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