Latest Dental Technology

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The Latest and Greatest

Our dedication to your oral health demands that we incorporate the latest technology into our dental practice. The following are just some of the new gadgets we use to improve our care.

Laser Cavity Prevention

Meet the Diagnodent, your line of defense against oral disease. The Diagnodent can identify tooth decay more effectively than any previous method. By fluorescing tooth decay, we can see and treat cavities when they are small, long before they cause pain or infection.

soft tissue laser

Soft Tissue Laser

Lasers are the new standard of quality medical care. They are more precise, cleaner and allow wounds to heal faster than conventional treatment methods. We utilize the top-of-the-line Biolase Epic Diode laser in numerous medical and cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening, TMJ pain therapy, bacterial reduction and gum contouring.

Digital Radiography

For patients concerned about radiation exposure, we offer digital radiography. Digital radiography uses 90% less radiation than conventional film x-rays. The images are transferred directly onto computer for easy viewing. We also use the Aribex NOMAD Pro 2 handheld x-ray, the best on the market. The handheld machine improves x-ray speed, quality and convenience.

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Intra oral cameras

The human mouth is a dark, wet, difficult space that is hard to navigate with the naked eye alone. Intraoral cameras dramatically improve our ability to diagnose oral disease. These camera allow us to magnify the details of your mouth to see what we would otherwise miss. We can also show you what is going on inside your mouth, a valuable tool for helping you understand your oral hygiene.

Intra oral cameras allow your dentist to magnify and see detail that is easily missed with the naked eye. Dental problems that normally would be missed with traditional examination are detected with intra oral camera technology. Tooth fractures, existing faulty fillings, small cavities and other pathology are some of the conditions that are more readily visible. Perhaps the most important aspect of using an intra oral camera is the ability to improve patient doctor communication. An image can be used as a powerful way to educate patients about their current oral health.

Forest massage chairs

massage chair Do not fear the dentist’s chair. Ours are the most comfortable seats in the house. Experience total relaxation with premium leather, a plush cushion beneath your knees and a massage function at your fingertips.

Your comfort is a priority. Relax in our soft ultra leather massage chairs. With a knee pillow under your legs press the massage function and forget the days worries.

Nomad Pro 2

nomadpro2The family of Aribex NOMAD Dental x-ray systems are the most advanced intraoral dental x-ray machines on the market for dental professionals. The dental x-ray handheld design improves dental radiography speed, convenience, and quality.